Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some recent commissions!

So I had 2 holiday commissions that I needed to get out before Christmas.  One was a Dr. Who painting for Darcy's daughter (Darcy is co-owner of Skin & Soul in Bellevue).  We decided on a hieroglyph-inspired simple piece, along with a Dalek necklace that I forgot to take a picture of (darn!).  8" x 10," acrylic on canvas:
In progress.  Clockwise - TARDIS, Dalek, Cyberman and fez (for the 11th Doctor).

I like the fun, poppy simplicity.

 Those hieroglyphs should supposedly actually spell out "Dr. Who" (according to the internet, that is).

2nd was a smaller remake of my Samurai Zombie painting (which is 18" x 24").  The remake is 8" x 10," and I'll admit, it was a challenge firguring out how to get the same detail level onto a smaller canvas.  I feel like I had to make a few compromises, but the remake embodies the same fun gruesome zombie spirit as does the original:

I also just finished a commission for a lovely young lady who contacted me after seeing my paintings at the etsyRAIN show.  She wanted a custom narwhal, inspiring me to create this listing in my shop.  Here's her cute version (8" x 10"):

Also, an awesome lady from work wanted a blue-ringed octopus painting for her son after buying my Cuttlefish Love painting at the mini-craft fair at my office.  It was really fun to make!  But then again, I have a weakness for cephalopods.  :)  Here's that one (8" x 10"):

Now I'm about to start on a remake of my Archeopteryx painting for the fantastic Sue Howard and another small painting for a friend from high school.  It's always great to be kept busy by an influx of new work!  :)  Hope everyone is having a great beginning to the new year, and staying safe and warm in Seattle Snowpocalypse 2012!

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