Monday, January 23, 2012

Random Creations

So the building management company for my office had a ton of potted plants for their holiday display.  Instead of throwing them out after the new year started, they left them out for people to take home (thank goodness!).  I snagged two, a type of ivy and another one... I am so sorely lacking in plant knowledge that I'm not sure of their names or types - will have to look it up.  Anyway, this weekend I found adorable pots for both of them and moved them into their happy new homes.  But, the hardier, non-ivy plant just looked a little lonely to me.  So I made him a friend:

And since it had been so long since I'd played with polymer clay, I decided to make 2 more friends for him:

Wheee, fun!

Last week, I decided to play with the awesome Sugru Hacking Putty my husband got me as a stocking stuffer.  It's such neat stuff that I am almost intimidated by it - don't want to squander it!  But finally I decided I should go ahead and get a feel for it.  So I used a pretty rock I found outside in the dentist's office parking lot next to my apartment (shhh, don't tell! and it was washed and baked to clean it!) and some plastic test tubes left over from my office's "studio crawl" (pub crawl style with creative shots/tasty drinkies) and made a... flower holder?  It's kind of random, but I think I like it.  Used 3 peacock eye feathers, one sword feather and an ostrich feather.

It's been refreshing to play with something other than paint lately.  Really, it's making me want to start sculpting again, but somehow I don't think wire armatures and tons of Plaster of Paris all over the place would fly very well in our tiny studio apartment.  Sigh... we shall have a bigger place some day!  Can't wait until our lease is up in May!  :)

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