Monday, January 9, 2012

Long-Overdue Update!

Hello all!  I hope everyone survived the holidays with much joy and minimal wallet damage.  :)  Happy New Year!

Updates just did not fall high on the priority list these past few weeks, unfortunately.  But as for the etsyRAIN show, here are some pictures of my booth:

I was lucky enough to have two lovely neighbors; to my left (and pictured here) was Kate of BunnysBakedGoods, and to my right was Claire and her husband of Orange Twist (both awesome shops - check 'em out!).  One thing I've really come to notice about the crafting community around here is the sense of openess and a generally kind, giving attitude.  Whether you need your booth covered briefly for a pee break, or to borrow a dollar because your change box has been depleted, folks are ready and willing to help.  It's amazing.

Quick look at the inventory - lefthand side of the table.  The Archaeopteryx, manatee, and front left narwhal painting sold.  I later sold the cuttlefish and snail painting at an office show the following week.  Yay for $ for buying Christmas presents!  :)

Righthand side of the table.  The Samurai Zombie and Totoro paintings (as well as the smaller ones) are both still available via my shop or at Skin & Soul in downtown Bellevue.  Sold some prints as well as numerous pairs of earrings, hair clips, and a few necklaces.  So exciting!

It was great fun, and I definitely learned a few things that I think will be helpful for future shows.  Fortunately I'd done some research (since this was my first actual craft fair table show - before I'd shown work in more "gallery-like" settings) and found helpful tips at sites like these: (hooray Etsy!)

From my personal experience, I would say the number one thing I learned is - BRING A PARTNER NEXT TIME!  From bathroom breaks to hauling everything to and from to car, to setting up and breaking down, to grabbing a quick bite (I didn't want to try to sell an item while talking through a mouthful of food!) a partner would have been wildly helpful.  My husband was working all weekend, so I couldn't trap him into coming.  :)  The show ran from 11:00am - 5:00pm, and with being there at least 30mins before and after, it's a long darn day.  I preferred to stand because it just "felt right" - seemed easier to engage the customer from a standing position rather than sitting.

Also, I have to give a BIG shout-out to the wonderful and gracious Kim of Pepo Park - she lent me a table, risers, tablecloth and stool and a few other items when I panicked at the last minute, somehow not having realized tables were not provided.  So thank you Kim, you are awesome and a life-saver!  :)

Another thing that was great was after seeing so many etsyRAIN-er's shops online, I actually got to see their displays and work in person!  It was so fun, and really nice to see the crazy array of talent we have here in the Puget Sound area.  I knew I moved here for a reason other than being tired of SC!  ;)

Thanks again to the etsyRAIN team for organizing such an awesome show.  It was wonderful and I loved every minute of it.  :)

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