Friday, August 31, 2012

Narwhal Round-Up!

A few days ago, a co-worker asked me to send him a picture of my narwhal painting, since his studio mascot is the MAJESTIC ANIMAL THAT IS THE NARWHAL.  :)  It suddenly dawned on me that at this point, I've done lots of different narwhal things since making my original painting (with Horatio, who I now have a tattoo of), so I thought I'd do a round-up (in chronological creation order)!

The original!  Horatio is 8" x 10," acrylic on canvas.  Sold to Marlo.  :) 
Fancy pants narwhal!  Same specs as above, sold at the EtsyRAIN 2011 Handmade Holiday Show.
Inspiration for the "Adorable Narwhal Series" listing in my Etsy shop.  This little guy is a custom commission for an awesome gal who saw my table at the show, and was sad to see the narwhal painting had already sold.  Same specs.
Next was an 8" x 10" commission for my friend Becky.  I placed a "surpise narwhal" in it.  :)  Same specs.
Needle-felted narwhal that I made at Art Camp For Big Kids!  Such a fun new craft!
2nd commission for Becky's set.  Same specs.  I really love this painting and wanted to keep it!  :)
Custom commission for a re-make of the fancy narwhal featured above.  Same specs.
Narwhal In The Sky!  I looooved this one.  I believe it was 16" x 16" (acrylic on canvas).  A gentleman at my office bought it to decorate the nursey of his and his wife's little one on the way.  What an honor to know a new tiny human's eyes will be continually seeing this on their wall as they learn and develop!
A digital version of Horatio that I plan to use for my art brand.  :)
Hooray narwhals!

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