Monday, October 24, 2011

Samurai Zombie Painting

Finished up my Samurai Zombie painting on Thursday, and dropped it off at Skin & Soul over the weekend.  It's 18" x 24," acrylic on canvas utilized with acrylic blending mediums. I started it back in September and then set it aside for awhile after getting frustrated.  Felt good to finish seeing it through!  :)  It started out with this sketch:

And ended up as this:

Just in time for the Halloween season!  Available on my etsy here.  And speaking of zombies, over the weekend I had the pleasure of attending ZombCon 2011 here in Seattle.  Such fun!  The hubby, his best friend (who flew up from SC to visit for the week) and I dressed up (I was an Amy Winehouse zombie).  The energy there was great, and although due to poor planning we missed the panel we were interested in, it was still a good time.  Hooray for the Halloween season!

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