Monday, September 19, 2011

Orange calla lillies!

My co-worker commissioned another floral painting for the series I've been working on for her.  Yay for more work!  We might be discussing additional paintings in the future, too.  This one is to replace the pink plumeria in the set below (some of the ones below are upside down - this isn't how they're going to be hung, but it shows a bit of how they'll look together).  The plumeria will actually be hung separately, with the orange calla lilies taking its place diagonally across from the other orange (tiger lily) painting.

Previously created set:

New painting:

8" x 10," acrylic on canvas.  Picked up some Liquitex acrylic mediums over the weekend (a set with Clear Gesso, Slow-Dri Blending Medium, Flexible Modeling Paste, Gloss Super Heavy Gel, Pouring Medium, and High Gloss Varnish).  I'm especially excited about the Slow-Dri blending Medium, which is supposed to slow drying time by as much as 40%.  We'll see!

Also got some earrings and pendants done over the weekend, although thus far I've only taken pictures of the octopi set:

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  This gorgeous fall weather here has me itching to create.  :)  Can't wait to see the leaves turning here, since it's reputed to be quite lovely.

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