Monday, September 12, 2011

Current Projects

It looks like I might be starting on another commission for a co-worker soon, but in the meantime I'm working on two different paintings.  I suppose both are slightly in the Halloween spirit.  :)

Underpainting sketch for my Archaeopteryx (meaning "ancient wing!" how much cooler can you get?) piece.  Planning on making the feathers fun and colorful.  I just love how skeletal images have such interesting negative space to play with.  And with dinosaurs, a little artistic license can be granted in my opinion...

Hooray zombies!  Here's the original sketch and underpainting sketch for my kabuki samurai zombie.  I want him to be pretty colorful and gruesome by the time I'm done.

Hooray fall!  I'm curious to see if the famed dreary Seattle weather ends up affecting my style.  Hopefully not.  :)

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